$288 Greater Bay Area Roaming Data Prepaid SIM

Card Activation

To activate, simply insert the SIM into your phone. After successful activation, stored value and expiry date will be sent to you through SMS. 1-Year Data Pack will be effective and service charge of $288 will be deducted automatically.

please follow the methods below to obtain your mobile no.:

  1. Dial USSD code *111*359#SEND; or 
  2. Make the first call in Hong Kong

Once you have completed one of the above steps, you will receive an automated SMS displaying your assigned mobile number.

Account Enquiries

- Simply press *121# SEND on the phone to check the following:

remaining stored value

card expiry date

remaining data allowance of the data pack and its expiry date

Language Setting

- Cantonese: *121*13*2# SEND
- Putonghua: *121*13*3# SEND
- English:       *121*13*1# SEND

4G Data Service

1-Year Data Pack (Default)
  • 8GB data shared across China, Hong Kong & Macau
  • 2000 Hong Kong Local Voice Minutes
  • Call Management Service Pack:
    • - Voice Mail
    • - Call Forwarding
    • - Basic Call Guard
    • - System Alert Forwarding Service

This Data Pack will be immediately effective upon card activation and is valid for 1 year. Service charge of $288 will be deducted automatically.

The following data pack can be subscribed when the 1-Year Local Data Pack (Default) expires or data allowance is used up:


  • If you are unable to access the data service after subscribing to the data pack, please follow the steps below to check your phone settings:
    • - Ensure "Mobile Data" setting on your phone is turned on
    • - Make sure the “Mobile data APN” setting is set to “Internet”
    • - Switch off/on the device again


  • 1-Year Data Pack is valid for 365 days from the date of subscription
  • A notification SMS will be sent to you when the data allowance is used up. You can subscribe to a new data pack, but the unused local voice minutes will be forfeited
  • All unused data allowance and local voice minutes will be forfeited upon expiry of data pack validity period.
  • Data service is applicable for use in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau only. Actual data transmission and connection speed may vary due to the Internet traffic conditions, local conditions, hardware, software and other factors

Voice Service

Local Calls Per Minute Charge
Off-Peak Hour (21:00-11:59) HK$0.05
Peak Hour (12:00-20:59) HK$0.12
IDD Calls Per Minute Charge(24-hour flat rate)
China, USA (except Alaska & Hawaii), Canada, Singapore and Malaysia1 HK$0.20
Other Countries2 Click Here

1 IDD calls to China, USA (except Alaska & Hawaii), Canada, Singapore and Malaysia are charged on per-minute basis plus local airtime charges of HK$0.05/min.

2 IDD calls to other countries are charged every 6 seconds plus local airtime charges of HK$0.05/min.

Roaming Calls3 Per Minute Charge
Roaming Destination Making Calls to HK Receiving Calls Making Local Calls Making Calls to Other Destinations
Macau HK$ 7.00 HK$ 7.00 HK$ 5.00 HK$ 26.00
Shenzhen / Shekou HK$ 7.00 HK$ 7.70 HK$ 8.00 HK$ 26.00
Guangdong HK$ 10.00 HK$ 8.70 HK$ 8.00 HK$ 26.00
Rest of China HK$ 10.00 HK$ 15.70 HK$ 8.00 HK$ 26.00

3 Incoming calls will be subject to a minimum 30-second charge and any additional time will be charged on a 6-second incremental basis. Outgoing calls will be charged on a 60-second incremental basis


  • All calls will be charged once connected
  • Call duration is rounded up to full charge units for computation purposes
  • Prices are subject to change without notice

Dialing Method

IDD calls


International Roaming
- Calling Hong Kong

- Making local calls

- Calling other countries


In Hong Kong (Per SMS) While roaming (Per SMS)
Send local intra-network SMS HK$0.1 Send to HK mobile network HK$7
Send local inter-network SMS HK$0.7
Send international SMS HK$1.0 Send to local or 3rd country mobile network HK$9

Recharge & Bonus

Recharge Amount Bonus Validity extension
(Count from recharged date)
Recharge Methods
HK$50 - $98.9 $10 Data Bonus 180 Days Click HERE for details
HK$99 or above $20 Data Bonus 365 Days

Above services are subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please click here for details.