1. What is the recharge lead time?

    You will receive a confirmation SMS instantly upon successful recharge.

  2. How long is the validity and is there any grace period before service disconnection?

    The validity of the SIM will be reset for 365 days upon recharge at HK$50 or above.
    After the SIM card expired, the SIM card balance and bonus will be forfeited, but you can still resume the service within the 30-day grace period by topping up your SIM card.

  3. What is the minimum recharge amount in order to reset the card validity?

    The validity of the SIM will be reset for 365 days upon recharge at HK$50 or above.

  4. What should I do if I lose my SIM card?

    Please follow these steps:
    Prepare your Cardholder Certificate as cardholder proof and recharge HK$200 (voucher) or HK$198 (e-voucher) as handling fee (can be transferred to new SIM card for use) to your SIM account, then email to notify us.

  5. How can I connect to the Internet upon card activation?

    For $98 Local Prepaid SIM, you need to subscribe to the local data pack via USSD code after card activation. Click here for more details of local data packs.
    For $98 / $238 / $358 / $458 Local Yearly Data Card and $288 Greater Bay Area Yearly Data Card, you can connect to the Internet immediately after card activation.
    If you are unable to access data service, please check your phone setting by following steps:

    1. Ensure “Mobile Data” setting on your phone is turned on
    2. The Mobile data APN setting of your phone is set to “smartone”​
    3. Restart your phone
  6. Why can't I connect to the Internet after recharging my SIM card?

    As the recharge amount will not be automatically converted into data allowance / data pack, please purchase a new data pack via ValueGB App or USSD after recharging. Click here for more details of data packs.

  7. Why can't I purchase new data packs after recharging my SIM card?

    Before purchasing a new data pack, please ensure the data allowance has been used up or the current data pack has expired. Then, check the card balance via ValueGB App or by dialing *111*359# to ensure there is sufficient balance to deduct the service fee from the prepaid SIM.

  8. Will the remaining data usage be carried over to the new data pack?

    Once you have purchased a new data pack, the original data pack will be immediately replaced, and the remaining data or airtime will be forfeited.

About ValueGB App

  1. Why can't I log in to the ValueGB App?

    Please make sure your SIM card is activated and you have completed Real-Name
    Devices with ValueGB SIM plug in>Auto login
    Devices without ValueGB SIM plug in>Enter ValueGB phone number & verify with OTP

  2. Can I log in to ValueGB app without having my SIM card plugged in on the same device?

    Simply enter your mobile number and press [Send OTP]. The OTP will be sent to the device with your SIM card plugged in. You can access all the functions if you are connected to a working internet.

  3. Do l still have access to ValueGB app once my data has been used up?

    You may log in to the app using Wi-Fi. 

  4. Can I recharge or purchase data plan via E-payment without Octopus app, Alipay HK app, etc?

    No. In order to proceed with the e-payment, a corresponding e-wallet app is required.

About Real-Name Registration

  1. How can I cancel Real-Name Registration?

    You may visit here and click “Manage Pre-paid SIM Card” to proceed with the deregistration.

  2. If my prepaid card expires and its service is terminated, will the quota of Real-Name Registration be released?

    The system will automatically release this quota after the prepaid card expires or is terminated. You can use this quota to proceed with Real-Name Registration for another prepaid card.

  3. I used the certificate of Company Registration for the application of Real-Name Registration but it was not successful, why?

    The certificate of Company Registration is not applicable to Real-Name Registration. Please consider registering with another valid identity document to continue using the prepaid card.

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